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PVC-U Mechanically Jointed Vertical Sliders

While there is no denying the beauty of traditional wooden windows, there is also no avoiding the fact that timber can cause issues over time. In historical builds where preserving the character and charm of your property’s architecture is absolutely paramount, the combination of classic aesthetics and modern technology in PVC-U Mechanically Jointed Vertical Sliders makes these innovative sash windows the perfect solution to your building conservation woes.

What are PVC-U Mechanically Jointed Vertical Sliders?

Combining the benefits of modern energy-efficient technology with the authentic appearance of traditional window joinery, Mercury Glazing’s range of mechanically jointed sash windows deliver high performance while also delivering a functional solution to worn-out timber windows. Engineered with reliable spiral balance mechanisms, you will no longer endure a daily battle with antique weights, pulleys, and broken sash cords.

In contrast to fully welded sliders, which benefit from modern welding technology, our mechanically jointed sash windows provide a more classic option. While the process of welding is not necessarily inauthentic, mechanically jointed vertical sliders replicate traditional mortice and tenon joints. Put simply, a mechanical joint does not have the diagonal line of a welded joint, and while the mechanically jointed method is just as effective in insulating your property from the elements, it can also replicate the authentic appearance of a traditional timber joint in a more genuine way.

How will PVC-U Mechanically Jointed Vertical Sliders enhance my property?

How will PVC-U Mechanically Jointed Vertical Sliders enhance my property?

In the past property owners have been faced with the difficult decision of replacing their traditional windows with costly timber replacements, or continue putting up with cold draughts, poor insulation, broken sash cords, and other considerable maintenance costs. Mercury’s mechanically jointed sash windows comply with UK building regulations and are the perfect solution to replacing traditional timber windows.

  • Fully featured ovolo detail
  • The deep bottom rail option gives the authenticity of a timber box sash, combining traditional aesthetics with modern technology
  • 128mm front to back dimension ensures the vertical slider is suitable for timber box sash replacement
  • The tilting feature allows easy cleaning of the outside window from the inner comfort of your property
  • Run through horn options for added authenticity
  • Choice of ironmongery
  • Secure by Design option available
  • Ten-year Guarantee
  • Recycled thermal inserts as standard
Colour Chart

A range of colours to suit every property

Our mechanically jointed sliders are available in a range of beautiful colours. We offer 30 different foil colours suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

The interior and exterior of your window frame can also be manufactured in different colours, so your windows can be fully customised to suit the aesthetics of your project and your own personal tastes.

EPC Rating

Will my PVC-U Mechanically Jointed Vertical Sliders be energy efficient?

While replicating the appearance of traditional timber windows, our mechanically jointed sash windows offer contemporary solutions to insulation. With U-values as low as 1.3W/m2K, 24mm double glazing, and added wool pile to stop draughts, PVC-U Mechanically Jointed Vertical Sliders can save you the hassle of costly energy bills by insulating your home fully from the elements.

PVC-U Mechanically Jointed Vertical Sliders at Mercury

Efficient and knowledgeable, the experienced team at Mercury will be with you from consultation to installation. We pride ourselves on being a leading specialist fabricator here in Great Britain and work tirelessly to offer the best possible customer service. The team is always ready to lend a helping hand and assist you with any questions you may have. It’s the Mercury difference!

If you have any questions, would like a quote or any further information about Mercury, please call us on 01452 383344 or get in touch via our contact page.

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PVC-U Mechanically Jointed Vertical Sliders

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