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Aluminium Doors

Looking for aluminium door manufacturers? At Mercury Glazing, we offer the best selection of aluminium doors at the best price.

Aluminium doors are the perfect solution for bringing functionality and aesthetically pleasing style to your property. Mercury, Glazing’s range of bespoke aluminium doors engineered from resilient aluminium are the durable and contemporary feature you have been seeking. Relatively low maintenance and naturally resistant to the elements, aluminium is the ideal choice when choosing a material for your doors, with optimal security and durability.

Engineered with a slim yet sturdy aluminium door frame, our range of high-quality aluminium doors can modernise your home as well as maximise natural light in your living spaces. With the latest locking systems for your peace of mind, our doors can also be custom-ordered in a range of different RAL colours.

Beautifully designed and high performing in terms of resilience to the elements, you will find a vast range of different colour and style options suitable in both residential and commercial projects.

Features of aluminium doors

At Mercury Glazing, our range of bespoke industrial aluminium doors offer:

  • A sleek contemporary look
  • Durability and strength
  • A weatherproof design
  • High security 
  • Meets the current building regulations
  • Easy to install
  • Custom RAL colours
  • Longevity 

Types of aluminium doors 

No two properties are the same. That’s why, as a leading supplier of bespoke aluminium doors, we offer a range of different types to suit every style and budget. If you have any questions, our friendly team are always happy to help. 

Residential aluminium doors

Suitable for a wide range of properties, our residential aluminium doors make the perfect entrance. Available in a wide range of colours suited to your specific property. 

Commercial aluminium doors

At Mercury Glazing, our aluminium doors are not only suitable for residential properties, but commercial buildings too. With high security and a sturdy weatherproof design, our aluminium doors are perfect for the workplace.

Sliding aluminium doors

At Mercury Glazing, we manufacture a beautiful range of bespoke sliding aluminium doors. Sliding aluminium doors offer the ability to fully open up a room, providing fantastic views of the outside and maximising natural light intake. 

Bifold aluminium doors

Bifold aluminium doors fold outward to open up the room to the scenery outside, providing great operational flexibility. Offering increased ventilation, our bifold aluminium doors are available in a range of colour options. 

Benefits of aluminium doors

Durable and strong

Aluminium doors are both durable and strong, resisting even the harshest of weathers. When compared to other door materials, aluminium is the most hard-wearing and long-lasting of them all.

Cost effective

Being hard-wearing, your aluminium door will last a very long time, essentially saving you a lot of money. Purchasing a cheaper alternative such as wood, will call for a replacement much sooner than investing in a sturdy aluminium door. 

Less maintenance 

Aluminium doors are easily wipeable when it comes to cleaning. However, they will resist elements without the need for treatments, so you’ll only need to polish the door when you feel it’s necessary, you won’t need to invest any money or time into maintaining it. 


Aluminium is extremely eco-friendly. Being non-toxic and fully recyclable, you’ll be doing your part for the environment if you opt to purchase an aluminium door. 


Aluminium doors are suitable for a wide range of applications, including both commercial and residential. They also suit a wide range of properties from older period buildings to newer modern ones.

Aluminium door vs wooden door 

So, you’re thinking of purchasing a new door but are unsure what material to opt for. Here’s some guidance to help you make an informed choice.

Both aluminium doors and wooden doors come with their benefits. Wooden doors can look extremely aesthetically pleasing and have great insulating properties and aluminium doors are weatherproof and strong, requiring a lot less maintenance.

In terms of cost, generally speaking, you can get a better quality door if you opt for an aluminium one. Opting for the highest quality in wooden doors would cost a lot more than the highest quality aluminium door. It’ll also save a lot of money in the long run opting for an aluminium door as it requires a lot less maintenance, as touched upon previously. 

Timber has a tendency to warp and rot overtime, whereas aluminium is extremely durable. Although each door will eventually need replacing, an aluminium one guarantees a longer lifespan. 

EPC Rating

The cost of aluminium doors

The costs involved in purchasing an aluminium door can vary greatly. The overall cost depends on a number of factors:

The size 

The bigger the size of the door, the more materials needed for the job, this results in a higher cost overall. 

The number of doors

The number of doors you need replacing or fitting will make the cost vary. However, at Mercury Glazing we offer the best deals and when purchasing multiple doors, we’ll discount them. 

The style

We manufacture a range of aluminium doors, from sliding patio doors to the traditional front door, each one involves a different cost.

Choice of glass and glazing

Almost every door features some sort of window panel. This window panel may be single, double or triple glazed. The glazing you choose will increase or decrease the overall cost. Whether you’re looking for tinted glass, laminated glass or tempered glass this will also affect the cost. 

Looking for aluminium door suppliers? Look no further. At Mercury Glazing, we’re here to help you find the perfect door for your property or commercial building.


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