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Aluminium Windows

Engineered to the highest quality with modern and slender frames, our range of resilient windows engineered with durable aluminium can maximise natural light in your home while also offering contemporary styling. With a durable, high-quality finish that is both weather-resistant and energy-efficient, aluminium can elevate any project commercial or residential.

Offering premium security and superb thermal retention, Mercury Glazing’s range of bespoke windows offer excellent insulation and are resilient in a multitude of weather conditions. Unlike traditional timber windows, which can warp and rot over time, our resilient windows combine robustness with a modern and contemporary finish. Our range is also ideal for replacing older steel or Crittall windows by offering a visually similar aesthetic, and like steel require very little maintenance.

Carefully engineered for optimal energy efficiency and thermal retention, our range of windows crafted from durable aluminium are suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

Why should you choose Mercury Glazing?

Looking for aluminium windows in the UK? At Mercury Glazing, we provide an extensive range of affordable and bespoke aluminium windows that are guaranteed to transform your home, from aluminium bifolds, to aluminium sliding sash windows.

Here at Mercury Glazing, you can choose from a variety of different styles all of which are engineered specifically for durability and maximum energy efficiency. With secure locking technology and modern glazing, you’ll never have to compromise on security, energy efficiency, or quality again.

What are the advantages of aluminium windows?

Aluminium glazed windows are modern, aesthetically pleasing and extremely thermally efficient. They’re a great option to replace existing timber or PVC windows, as they’re a lot more durable and resilient. 

Aluminium windows are becoming increasingly popular, as they require little maintenance. These windows are available in a range of designs, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect match for your home. 

Aluminium is a fully sustainable material, so it’s definitely eco friendly. It’s recyclable and it’s not toxic.

With an average lifespan of 30 years+, aluminium windows are made to last a very long time. 

What are the different types of aluminium windows?

So, what are the different aluminium windows available? We’ll talk you through the different choices when it comes to buying aluminium windows so you can decide what’s best for you. If you need any further advice or help please contact us using our online form, and we’ll be back to you shortly. 

Aluminium sliding window

Aluminium sliding sash windows are modern but traditional in their styling, slim in aesthetics and offer a high level of insulation. These windows allow partial or full opening. 

Engineered to the best quality, aluminium sliding sash windows offer a high level of security. With one panel opening at once, these windows are difficult to climb through. 

The aluminium sliding window is a popular replacement in period properties, fitting with the sophistication of older homes. 

Aluminium tilt and turn windows

Aluminium tilt and turn windows are made from strong aluminium materials. These types of windows can accommodate large expanses of glass which maximises natural light intake. 

These windows are suitable for a range of applications. They’re both durable and easy to clean.

These windows provide the option to either tilt or open outward, offering better ventilation. 

Aluminium casement windows

Aluminium casement windows are perfect for commercial properties but also residential ones too. These windows ensure your space is always bright and secure. 

An aluminium casement window has sashes attached to the case structure. These windows swing outwards. 

Aluminium casement windows are great for tall, narrow window spaces. 

These windows are available in a variety of designs to suit any property. 

Aluminium composite windows

Composite windows incorporate both timber and aluminium. This can look extremely modern and stylish. 

These windows have the effective insulation of timber on the inside and aluminium cladding on the exterior for durability, making the window not only sturdy, but easy to maintain and extremely attractive too. 

Aluminium windows vs uPVC

If you’re wondering whether to buy aluminium or UPVC windows, here’s the difference between the two. 

UPVC windows are made from a form of plastic, this material is rigid making it durable enough to be used for windows. Although they’re highly resistant, UPVC windows will need replacing every 20 years, whereas aluminium windows can last up to 45 years, sometimes longer. 

Aluminium windows are made from a form of metal. It is a highly conductive material, making it efficient. It’s also rust resistant. Aluminium windows are often more expensive than UPVC windows, however they will last a lot longer before they need replacing.

Buying aluminium windows

Looking to buy aluminium windows in the UK? Look no further. At Mercury Glazing, we offer the best range of durable and modern aluminium windows. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01452 383344 or with any questions and queries. 

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Our range of resilient windows engineered from durable aluminium are suited to both commercial and residential projects. We offer a range of different styles to suit your taste.

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