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Looking for PVCU window suppliers? At Mercury Glazing, we stock a range of PVCU windows, perfect for any property or commercial building.

Lightweight and durable, PVCU windows are the perfect solution to replacing the windows in both commercial and residential projects, boasting superb energy efficiency and thermal retention.

Offering timeless and understated style, this hardy material has been used in the fabrication of bespoke windows since the 1960s for its resilience against the British elements and suitability in both historically sensitive refurbishment projects and contemporary properties.

With optimal energy efficiency performance and thermal retention technology, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (otherwise known as PVCU) is revered for providing a high-quality, cost-effective solution to window refurbishment. Unlike traditional timber, which declines over time due to weathering and exposure to the elements, Mercury Glazing engineers our range of windows with resilience and durability in mind.

Benefits of PVCU Windows

Benefits of PVCU Windows

The benefits of installing PVCU windows include great insulation and soundproofing but let’s take a look at those benefits in further detail. 


When it comes to buying new windows, energy efficiency will be at the forefront of your mind. PVCU windows are a low conductor of heat, meaning once installed they will minimise heat loss, saving you money on energy bills. 


PVCU windows combined with double or triple glazing can help decrease the amount of outside noise by up to 50%. 


Although PVCU windows are ultra-light, this doesn’t make them any less secure. PVCU windows are extremely sturdy and when combined with locking combinations and double glazed glass panes your home will be extra safe. 

Low maintenance 

PVCU is a low maintenance option when compared to other natural alternatives that require frequent varnishing and repainting. PVCU windows can last decades without needing anything but a simple wipe down to remove excess dirt. 


PVCU is a tough material designed to withstand the elements, so you can be sure your PVCU windows will not rot or corrode.


Typically PVCU windows are only available in white. However, at Mercury Glazing we stock a range of customisable PVCU windows in many colours and styles. 


PVCU windows are made from mostly recycled materials, so you can rest assured you’re having minimal impact on the environment

PVCU vs aluminium windows

There’s very little difference between PVCU and aluminium windows. In terms of cost, PVCU windows cost very little to begin with when compared to aluminium windows. However, aluminium windows have a longer lifespan when compared to PVCU. However, PVCU windows are still durable and long lasting.

Both PVCU and aluminium windows are very easy to clean and maintain. They’re both durable and weather resistant. 

With PVCU windows there’s a range of style options, however with aluminium windows you will be more open to an extensive range of options. 

So, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to aluminium windows, PVCU windows are perfect for you. If you’re looking for longer lasting windows in a range of styles, be sure to check out our aluminium windows range.

Types of PVCU windows

Here are just some of the styles available in PVCU windows. To find out more about the types of PVCU windows we stock at Mercury Glazing, or for help choosing a PVCU window to suit your property, do not hesitate to contact us today. 

Fixed PVCU window

The fixed PVCU window is a great option to offer more light into your property. This type of window can not be opened, it is just mainly used to let in natural light. 

Sliding PVCU window

The sliding PVCU window is very similar to the PVCU door. These windows move from side to side so that the glass sits behind the other pane. These windows are best suited for small rooms, as one side can only be opened at once, offering a lower level of ventilation.

PVCU casement window

PVCU casement windows are perfect for commercial properties but also residential ones too. These windows ensure your space is always bright and secure. They’re great for tall, narrow window spaces. 

The PVCU casement window has sashes attached to the case structure, swinging outwards.

Awning PVCU window

The awning PVCU window has hinges at the top of the frame and opens outwards. These windows are easy to open and work well in very limited spaces.

PVCU windowscapes

PVCU windowscapes are the most expensive option when it comes to PVCU windows. These types of windows run along the wall of a building, letting in huge amounts of natural light and improving the general aesthetics of your home.

How much do PVC-U windows cost?

The cost of your window will depend on a number of factors, including the size and the style. 

If you opt for numerous windows replacing, the overall cost will be higher. If the size of your window space is larger, the cost will again increase as if you chose a more complex style. 

The glazing and glass type you choose will also make the cost of your window vary. If you opt for triple glazing instead of double, this will essentially cost more to begin with, but save you around 50% on your energy bills, making it a worthy investment. There’s also a range of glass types to choose from including tinted, tempered and laminated, each comes at a different cost. 

Looking for PVC-U manufacturers? For a free quote, contact us today at Mercury Glazing.  

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